Last Date of Revision: December 21st 2017

Refund and Exchange Policy 

We do not accept refunds or exchanges for products and/or services. All sales are final. When you purchase from L.I. Contracting the product warranty goes through the manufacturers. If there is a problem with the product, please contact the manufacturer directly. If there are any issues with the technicians or service provided, please contact our office at (855) 542 6771 immediately. We will attempt to rectify the problem.

Emergency Fee Policy

For the same day delivery, holiday seasons or if a customer wants to schedule as soon as possible to be top of the lists, there will be an emergency fee. The emergency fee varies based on the season and the availability. It ranges between $200 to $900.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If the customer cancels less than 24 hours of their appointment they will be subject to a $99.99 cancellation charge (no refund). For Product sales, if a customer pays for a product but cancels for an installation, they will be subject to pay 50% of the installation and all products will be mailed to them (due to the no refund / no exchange policy mandated for all orders).

Installation Policy

1. Installations provided by L.I. Contracting are subject to the Policies written above.

2. Clients are subject to fees associated with Installation Pricing.

3. Installations are solely for the physical removal of the old equipment, if applicable, and installation of the new equipment that is either provided by the customer or has been purchased through L.I. Contracting. The Point of Sale being over the phone, email, website or on location at the time of installation or in any other form.

4. We are not liable for the complications of a system that is not compatible with the Equipment. We are hired to Install the equipment and the equipment alone. Any further troubleshooting is subject to additional labor charges or additional equipment, such as a “Common Wire.”

5. Once payment is rendered; Cash, Check, Money Order, and / or Money Transfer the Client agrees that “work is complete to their satisfaction” and client fully agrees not to contest the payment that was rendered. All Sales Are Final. Please refer to our Refund and Exchange Policy for more information.

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